Postal adress.:

Warehouse Denmark.:

Hartman Logistik  Aps

      Geminivej 29

      DK-2670 Greve

Hartman Expeditie bv

     Bedrijvenweg 8

     NL-7833 Nieuw-Amsterdam

Hartman Expeditie bv

     ABC Westland 439

     NL-2685 Poeldijk


  • Your freight is our responsebility - Reliable - care taking - Professional transports - every time.
  • 24 Hour phone service
  • Educated personal with years of experience in Your transport needs.

Our vision

Hartman Logistik ApS - Denmark 

Company Details.:

Vat nr.: DK34701326

Bank.: Nordea Bank Danmark A/S

Reg. / Konto.: 2324 0725 141 653

IBAN.: DK9120000725141653


Office adress .:

arehouse adress.:

Hartman Logistik Aps

Geminivej 29

DK-2670 Greve

Insurance and coverage.:

IF Forsikring Danmark A/S

Coverage .:

1) CMR loven 8,33 sdr/kgs by shortage or damage.

2) Montreal Conventionen, by shortage or damage 19,00 sdr/kgs, by Airfreight cargo

** All transports are carried out according to CMR regulations and/or NSAB2000**

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